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UM HIR NEWS (10th April 2014)

[ admin ] [ 10-04-2014 ]

HIR Quantum & Laser Science Project Attracts Renowned HIR Icon

HIR extends its congratulations to Associate Professor Dr. Raymond Ooi for managing to attract world renowned scientist, Prof. Marlan Orvil Scully as an HIR Icon for his HIR funded project.

Prof. Scully is a laser physics pioneer and is best known for his contributions to quantum optics, quantum coherence and laser theory. He played a pivotal role in propounding the quantum theoretical framework for lasers, theory of free electron laser, correlated spontaneous emission laser, quantum coherence control of refractive index, highly sensitive magnetometer, sub natural line width using quantum interference, description of Bose condensates using laser theory and identification of bacterial spores using nonlinear coherent spectroscopy.

At the Texas A&M University, Scully is the Burgess Distinguished Professor of Physics and holds the TEES Distinguished Research Chair as well as Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics and the Institute for Quantum Studies. At Princeton University, he holds the rank of Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials.

Scully has published more than 500 research articles, with many in top journals such as Physical Review Letters, Nature, Sciences and PNAS. His h-index is 70 and a total citation of over 22,000. Among his many prestigious awards are the Frederic Ives Medal, the highest honor given by the Optical Society, the Herbert Walther Award, Arthur L Schawlow Prize (American Physical Society) , Quantum Electronics Award (IEEE) , Charles H. Townes Award (Optical Society of America) , and the  Elliott Cresson Medal (The Franklin Institute) primarily for his seminal influence of his ground-breaking innovations in quantum optics and atomic physics, and for his wide-ranging contributions to the international scientific community. 

Raymond, who spent 3 years (2003-2006) as a postdoc in USA with Scully, is very excited about working with his mentor and friend under his HIR project. He recalled the good time he spent in US, and how Scully made him his protégé and introduced him to many great scientists, including Nobel Laureates Roy Glauber, Charles Townes, Normal Ramsey, Dudley Herschbach, Bill Philips, Tony Leggett and John Archibald Wheeler.

Raymond is eagerly awaiting the visit of Scully to UM in the near future. Besides picking his brain for more ideas about his HIR project, Raymond will play host to his mentor and friend, with plan for public talks on the wonders of the quantum world. “This is a time of rare opportunity and a tribute to the Master,” quipped Raymond gleefully.
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